1.Dr. Phan Hoang Hai – Specialist in Maxillofacial Restoration Aesthetic & Digital Dentistry

Dr. Phan Hoang Hai - Specialist in Maxillofacial Restoration Aesthetic & Digital Dentistry

Maxillofacial Restoration & Aesthetic Dentistry are specialties that require serious investment in expertise, it requires ingenuity and high aesthetic perception to bring comprehensive beauty to the smile.

Doctor of maxillofacial and cosmetic surgery Phan Hoang Hai

With the desire to share the knowledge and skills that I have gathered in order to contribute to my career development and the development of the dental industry in Vietnam, Dr. Hoang Hai has organized many training courses from online to offline with topics on cosmetic dental restoration for the community of dentists, technicians and dental students, starting from 2018.

The doctor always wants to share all the knowledge and skills accumulated over many years of studying and working, and at the same time spreading his passion to the community of young dentists.

What is a plastic surgeon?

 Unlike a dentist who only specializes in oral health care through the treatment of dental diseases such as scaling, fillings, root canal treatment, porcelain restorations, etc.  performs the general work of a dentist and designs and reconstructs to improve the aesthetics of his patients.

 Understanding teeth, cosmetic prosthetists ensure both health and beauty, bringing a comprehensive confident smile.

Who is the plastic surgeon Phan Hoang Hai?

The process of becoming a smile cosmetic doctor brings radiant beauty to customers

The process of learning and working

 In 2013, Dr. Phan Hoang Hai graduated from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Ho Chi Minh City, majoring in Odonto-Stomatology and spent 2 years working as a clinical assistant and a general dentist in the Department of Orthodontics in the Department of Orthodontics.  Dentomaxillofacial.

 During his career, Dr. Hai realized that there were still many questions about the results of cosmetic prosthetic treatment for long-term results (including fixed and removable).

 It was this that prompted her passion to make the decision to study for 3 more years the Master’s program in maxillofacial prosthetics at Mahidol University before starting to practice treatment as a prosthetic specialist.  maxillofacial and cosmetic dentistry in 2018.

During this time, maxillofacial prosthodontist Phan Hoang Hai continuously participated in competitions related to the field of dentistry and achieved many typical achievements such as:


  •  1st prize in the poster contest of the annual conference of the Asia-Malaysian Dental Association 2017.
  •  Second prize in the poster contest of the scientific conference, the Ho Chi Minh City Implant Association (HSDI) 2017.
  •  Second Prize in Scientific Research Report Contest, Faculty of Dentistry, Mahidol University, Thailand 2018.
  •  Honorary Award “Dean’s List” for graduate students who graduated valedictorian in 2018 from Mahidol School, Thailand in October 2018.

 {Pictures of Doctor Hai in awards or sharing sessions}

 Achievements devoted to the dental community 

Besides the above achievements, Dr. Hai also won the IDCMR scholarship (2015 – 2017) and made contributions to scientific publications:

  1.  “Prevention of peri implant skin inflammation using an acrylic resin housing with a tunnel design for an implant-retained auricular prosthesis.”  Published in the journal of prosthetic dentistry – J Prosthet Dent in 2017
  2.  “Factors affecting dimensions of the 3D ocular prosthesis in patients rehabilitated at Mahidol University.”  published in the dental journal Mahidol University – M Dent J in 2018
  3.  “Factors Affecting Dimensions of the 3D Ocular Prosthesis in Patients Rehabilitated at Mahidol University.”  published in the journal Confederation of Indian Prosthodont – J Indian Prosthodont Soc.  2018
  4.  “Lightweight Opened Hollow Bulb Obturator Using a Precise Positioning Method of Metal Framework in Patients with Partial Maxillectomy: a Case Report.”  published in the dental journal of KhongKhen University – KDJ.  2019 

During his research and work, Dr. Hai is regularly invited as a rapporteur in domestic and foreign conferences such as:

  1.  AAP Conference – Asian Association of Prosthodontics in Bangkok Thailand in 2016, and Kuala Lumpur Malaysia in 2018.
  2.  Workshop on maxillofacial prosthetics, Korat province hospital, Thailand in 2015 – 2016.
  3.  Scientific and technical conference of Odonto-Stomatology in April at the Faculty of Odonto-Stomatology, University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Ho Chi Minh City from 2016 to 2019.
  4.  MAP – Malaysian Association of Prosthodontics Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2017.
  5.  HSDI Conference in Ho Chi Minh City with the theme “Porcelain Veneer – Dental Art through the Perspective of Science and Technology” and Screw Implant Restoration, sustainably maintained with the CEREC system in 2019.
  6.  International Conference on Dental Science and Education in Hanoi with the topic “Cleft lip and palate restoration treatment” and “Application of modern CAD/CAM technology in the Digital Technology era”  2019. 

From January 2018 to March 2019, Dr. Phan Hoang Hai worked in the high-quality dental treatment area and concurrently held the position of clinical instructor in the Department of Dental Restoration.  Besides working at the hospital, Doctor Hai is also a visiting lecturer at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Ho Chi Minh City, Department of Odonto-Stomatology during this time.

Professional development of cosmetic prosthetics

Comprehensive dental health restoration

Since entering the dental profession, Dr. Phan Hoang Hai has always focused and promoted his expertise in 4 areas:

  •  Full-mouth restoration combined with fixed and removable prosthetics
  •  Aesthetic Restoration
  •  Digital Dentistry
  •  Maxillofacial Restoration

 It is known that during his professional development, Dr. Phan Hoang Hai has invested a lot in three aspects of Knowledge – Time – Finance.  According to the doctor, knowledge is a process of serious study, research and in-depth research in the field they are aiming for.

 During the study process at home and abroad, doctors always spend time to participate in competitions on dental applications or practice treatment of dental cases, in order to apply the knowledge learned in practice.  improve skills.  For doctors, learning must go hand in hand with practice in order to develop comprehensively professionally. 

To serve his discovery and experimentation process, Dr. Hai shared that: “Instead of making money to buy cars and build houses, I use them to invest in machinery or dental equipment to have a full life.  enough means to support better research and treatment of dental diseases.”

 Creating beauty for a radiant smile is one of the values ​​that Dr. Phan Hoang Hai wishes to devote to the Vietnamese community.  Besides, Dr. Hai also wants to be able to connect with people who share the same passion at home and abroad, with the same goal of contributing and sharing the values ​​​​of developing the dental industry in Vietnam. 

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