6.The journey to become a specialist in prosthetic teeth – jaw – face of Dr. Phan Hoang Hai

The journey to become a specialist in prosthetic teeth - jaw - face of Dr. Phan Hoang Hai

Realizing your passion is a long process, requiring perseverance and persistent efforts.  Dr. Phan Hoang Hai’s passion is associated with Dentistry, specifically the field of maxillofacial prosthetics.  The doctor always keeps the spiritual fire, constantly trying to make the journey to become an expert in this field.

Specialist in prosthetic teeth - jaw - face Phan Hoang Hai

 It is known that this is a field that requires ingenuity and high expertise, towards the mission of “treating” and “healing” – creating beauty for the face, and at the same time building happiness from the inside.  in the souls of those unlucky enough to have dental problems.  Therefore, to achieve the goal, Dr. Hai has encountered many difficulties and challenges on this journey.

"Destiny" brought Dr. Phan Hoang Hai to the field of maxillofacial prosthetics

Real experience is far different from what you learn in school

The first step that led Dr. Hai to the dental profession was simply the desire to take care of the oral health of his loved ones around him.  The doctor found that oral health greatly affects people’s daily life, just a tooth with pain due to decay can also affect a person’s mood, not eating well, sleeping.  no deep sleep…

 Hai shared: “Although my relatives all have beautiful and healthy teeth, I always check and take care of them regularly to prevent the risk of dental diseases.  I always want my family to have strong and durable teeth.”

 However, after a period of studying and officially stepping into the environment of dentists, the doctor realized that what he learned in school is not everything, reality shows his ability.  far from the development of dental technology. 

the flashy exterior of a dentist when carrying out his mission.  Looking back at what he has been doing, Dr. Hai feels that is not all, he wants to experience more challenges for himself to keep up and promote the progress of the dental industry.

 The doctor explained: “Seeing people achieve many achievements, I am envious, I want to do more, otherwise I have to find new methods that no one else can do and become a successful person.  first develop it.  I like the competition to win, the creativity and the challenge to find new things.”

 However, when seeing the joy and happiness of dental patients after treatment and recovery, especially those who are having serious problems with their health and aesthetics, Dr.  be fueled with passion, conquering researches in comprehensive and long-term cosmetic restoration treatment.

The investment to "sharpen" the pearl of passion

Always have a serious investment for your career path

 Dr. Phan Hoang Hai shared, because of the nature of the maxillofacial prosthetics industry, it requires high scientific knowledge and practical skills, and needs in-depth understanding of scientific machinery for the treatment.  value, so in the development process you have to invest a lot in three aspects:

  • About knowledge: is a solid foundation in building your own skills.  Without a thorough understanding of the issues related to your field, there is no basis for practicing therapy.  If you want to achieve success, you must learn constantly to improve your understanding of the scientific foundation, operating methods and advanced technology applications in the working process.
  • About time: learning is not enough, you need to invest more time to practice what you have learned.  That is the main factor to improve their skills, develop practical treatment skills.  The more time invested in practical experience, the better the technical skills will be. 
  • Finance: With the development of science and technology, the dental industry no longer uses rudimentary and basic equipment for treatment, but instead uses more advanced machinery and equipment, and they are inexpensive.  not cheap.  In order to be able to research and apply it to the actual treatment process, digital prosthetics need to invest in modern dental equipment.  Therefore, finance is also an essential factor in training to become a digital prosthetic.

 Although it takes a lot of investment for this journey, thanks to the passion to keep the fire burning, it gives Dr. Hai more energy to fulfill his dream.

The process of training to become a digital prosthetic specialist by Dr. Phan Hoang Hai

Doctor Phan Hoang Hai in the sharing session about {...}

 To get the current results, Dr. Phan Hoang Hai has spent many years studying, researching and practicing.  Starting with the process of training and graduating with a major in Odonto-Stomatology at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Ho Chi Minh City in 2013 and continuing to accompany in the role of clinical assistant and general dentist at the Department of Dentistry.  Maxillofacial Department of Dental Restoration.

 In 2 years working here, Dr. Hai realized that what he had learned in the past time could not solve the problems in the process of cosmetic restorations for long-term results, from fixed methods to  Removable.

 From the above problems, Dr. Phan Hoang Hai was motivated to continue studying and researching for 3 more years under the Master’s program in maxillofacial restoration at Mahidol University, then officially became an expert in prosthetics.  maxillofacial surgery and cosmetic dentistry in 2018. 

Not only studying, but cosmetic prosthetics expert Phan Hoang Hai constantly challenges himself by conquering competitions of dental knowledge and skills with prizes such as:

  • 1st prize in the poster contest of the annual conference of the Asia-Malaysian Dental Association 2017.
  • Second prize in the poster contest of the scientific conference, the Ho Chi Minh City Implant Association (HSDI) 2017.
  • Second Prize in Scientific Research Report Contest, Faculty of Dentistry, Mahidol University, Thailand 2018.
  • Honorary Award “Dean’s List” for graduate students who graduated valedictorian in 2018 from Mahidol School, Thailand in October 2018. 

To develop himself, expert Phan Hoang Hai constantly researches and contributes valuable scientific publications to the dental industry: 

  1. Hai H Phan, Chotprasert N, Shakya P, Srithavaj T. Prevention of peri implant skin inflammation using an acrylic resin housing with a tunnel design for an implant-retained auricular prosthesis. J Prosthet Dent 2017;118:437-441.
  2. Phan Hoang H, Janebodin K, Charoonpatrapong K, Tanveer W, Sipiyaruk K, Chotprasert N. Factors affecting dimensions of the 3D ocular prosthesis in patients rehabilitated at Mahidol University. M Dent J 2018; 38: 57-64
  3. Phan H, Chotprasert N, Janebodin K, Charoonpatrapong K, Srithavaj T. OSC20: Factors Affecting Dimensions of the 3D Ocular Prosthesis in Patients Rehabilitated at Mahidol University. J Indian Prosthodont Soc. 2018 Oct;18(Suppl 1):S15.
  4. Phan HH, Punyawattananon V, Tri DM, Chotprasert N, Sipiyaruk K. Lightweight Opened Hollow Bulb Obturator Using a Precise Positioning Method of Metal Framework in Patients with Partial Maxillectomy: a Case Report. KDJ. Vol.22 No.2 July – December, 2019

Sweet fruit for efforts and perseverance for many years

Expert Phan Hoang Hai always tries to achieve his goals

With perseverance, effort and many scientific contributions to the dental industry, despite being young, Dr. Hai is often invited as a Rapporteur in special conferences such as:

  1. AAP Conference – Asian Association of Prosthodontics in Bangkok Thailand in 2016, and Kuala Lumpur Malaysia in 2018.
  2. Workshop on maxillofacial prosthetics, Korat province hospital, Thailand in 2015 – 2016.
  3. Scientific and technical conference of Odonto-Stomatology in April at the Faculty of Odonto-Stomatology, University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Ho Chi Minh City from 2016 to 2019.
  4. MAP – Malaysian Association of Prosthodontics Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2017.
  5. HSDI Conference in Ho Chi Minh City with the theme “Porcelain Veneer – Dental Art through the Perspective of Science and Technology” and Screw Implant Restoration, sustainably maintained with the CEREC system in 2019.
  6. International Conference on Dental Science and Education in Hanoi with the topic “Cleft lip and palate restoration treatment” and “Application of modern CAD/CAM technology in the Digital Technology era”  2019. 

Most importantly, the birth of the “brainchild” of Pegadent Dental Clinic, where experts can take care of and treat customers comprehensively, research methods for successful implementation.  “difficult” cases, bringing new life to their customers.

 {Picture of Doctor Hai and Pegadent}

 Brain child after many efforts

 Dental prosthetic specialists always want to maintain and develop their capacity by sharing the knowledge and experience they have gathered with people with the same passion, contributing to the rapid progress of the dental clinic.  dental background in Vietnam.

 Hope to be able to connect with like-minded people, creating a comprehensive community of dentists. 

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