The path to becoming a cosmetic prosthetic

The path to becoming a cosmetic prosthetic

 Cosmetic restoration specialist is a job that requires ingenuity and high expertise to carry out the mission of restoring healthy and radiant smiles to customers.  In addition to passion, to become a good and reputable expert, this job also requires a lot of knowledge as well as professional capacity, experience and constant learning efforts. 

Smile plastic surgeon Phan Hoang Hai

The path to becoming an expert in cosmetic dentistry by Dr. Phan Hoang Hai

 To become a reputable expert in the field of cosmetic dental restorations, Dr. Phan Hoang Hai has spent many years studying and researching at home and abroad.  In 2013, he completed the Doctor of Odonto-Stomatology program at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Ho Chi Minh City, and at the same time became a clinical assistant and general dentist in the Department of Odonto-Stomatology, Department of Restoration.  tooth shape.

 When officially stepping into the practice of the knowledge learned in the field of dentistry, Dr. Phan Hoang Hai realized that he needed to learn more to have extensive knowledge about this specialty, especially about dentistry.  dental restoration solutions that provide long-term aesthetic results, including both fixed and removable restorations.

 With a growing passion, Dr. Phan Hoang Hai decided to study abroad at Mahidol School under a 3-year master’s program, majoring in maxillofacial prosthetics.  During his studies here, he continuously participated and won high prizes in competitions on cosmetic shaping, such as: 

  • First prize in the poster contest of the annual conference of the Asia-Malaysian Dental Association 2017.
  •  Second prize in the poster contest of the scientific conference, the Ho Chi Minh City Implant Association (HSDI) in 2017.
  •  Second Prize in Scientific Research Report Contest, Faculty of Dentistry, Mahidol University, Thailand 2018.
  •  Honorary Award “Dean’s List” for graduate students who graduated valedictorian in 2018 from Mahidol School, Thailand in October 2018.

 When officially operating as a cosmetic prosthetic specialist, Dr. Phan Hoang Hai has been constantly sharing the knowledge and experience he has accumulated to the community of dentists and technicians.  and dental students in order to create value and passion for young people who are step by step carrying out this meaningful work.

The goal is to become the leading cosmetic dentistry

Dr. Phan Hoang Hai always strives to become the leading cosmetic dentistry specialist

 Dr. Phan Hoang Hai always believes that knowledge is never limited, in order not to fall behind the speed of development of the dental industry, one must always try to explore and learn;  achieve the goal of becoming a specialist in comprehensive cosmetic dentistry to help take care of oral health, restore beauty to the smile of Vietnamese people.

 As a doctor with high expertise and love to spread values ​​to the community, Dr. Phan Hoang Hai is always ready to share his professional knowledge and practical experience with the community of people who are interested in health.  Dental aesthetics.

Core values ​​of a cosmetic prosthetist

Confidence comes from a bright and healthy smile

For Dr. Phan Hoang Hai, the healthy, radiant smile, confidence and happiness of his clients are the most important values ​​that he pursues throughout his career as a cosmetic prosthetic specialist.

 As a comprehensive cosmetic dental prosthetic doctor, Dr. Hai always wants all of his clients to have a smile that is not only healthy but also beautiful.  Therefore, all procedures from examination to treatment are meticulously performed by Dr. Hai for each customer.

 A cosmetic dentist is a job that requires both aesthetics, technique and “understanding”, so the doctor must master both of these factors.  In addition to solid knowledge and expertise, doctors need to practice ingenuity and sensitivity to bring a perfect smile that is both healthy and beautiful.  Therefore, listening to understand the wishes of customers before consulting and treating customers, is always concerned and shared by Doctor Hai with each customer.

Motivation to add passion to the job of perfect smile design

Smile shows confidence and happiness

A perfect smile is when you always feel confident and happy with your own smile.  This is an additional source of motivation for the fire of Dr. Hai’s passion, increasingly striving to find new, more optimal methods based on science to “design” a perfect smile for the community.  .

 There is a folk saying that “the tooth and the hair is the human angle”, since ancient times the concept of human beauty has included the aesthetics of the teeth.  Having a bright confident smile is also the key to more success in work and relationships.  Therefore, for Dr. Hai, the duty of a comprehensive prosthetic dentist lies not only in taking care of and restoring aesthetic teeth but also contributing to human happiness.

 If you also have the same passion for the field of Dentistry or want to know more knowledge to take care of your own oral health and those around you, we hope that the sharing of Dr.  Hai can spread the fire, giving you more motivation to accomplish your goals. 

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