15. The most popular solution for fixed dentures today

The most popular solution for fixed dentures today

Understanding the advantages and limitations of each type of fixed denture restoration will help you choose the right method, bringing the desired results.  Learn about the types of fixed dental restorations in the article.

Fixed denture restorations are a great way to improve the chewing function and aesthetics of teeth. Solutions have many types with different implementation techniques with their own characteristics and advantages. 

Các kỹ thuật phục hình răng giúp bạn sở hữu hàm răng trắng đều, bóng đẹp
Teeth restoration techniques help you own white, beautiful teeth

 Loss of teeth, tooth decay, pulpitis … leading to damaged teeth will affect chewing function.  In addition, they also cause aesthetic loss, displacement, damage to surrounding teeth, which can lead to the risk of causing you to lose more teeth.  Therefore, if unfortunately your teeth are damaged or lost, you should go to a reputable dental center to restore teeth as soon as possible.  In particular, the method of fixed denture restoration is a popular solution and is chosen by many people because of its outstanding advantages.  Let’s find out in the following article.

1. What is a fixed prosthesis?

There are quite a few dental measures to help restore teeth, partially or completely replacing lost teeth.  In particular, the method of fixed tooth restoration is chosen by a large number of customers because it offers many outstanding advantages.

1.1 Concepts

The method of fixed dentures helps to restore defective crowns or teeth, and replace lost teeth.  It helps to improve chewing function and aesthetics of teeth.  Dentists will attach custom-made dentures to each client fixed on the prepared crowns (grinded or reconstructed) of the jaw.  , which is also the part that connects the real tooth root with the dentures that will later be closely linked to the gums, jawbone and teeth of the real tooth through the dental pulp or artificial abutment.  Customers will not be able to remove dentures by themselves like when using traditional removable teeth.

 The method of fixed dentures helps to restore defective crowns or, to replace lost teeth.  It helps to improve chewing function and aesthetics of teeth.  The doctors will attach dentures made specifically for each customer, fixed on the prepared crowns (grinding or reconstructed), which is also the part that connects the real roots with the future dentures.  Customers will not be able to remove dentures by themselves like when using traditional removable teeth.

1.2 Advantages

Kết quả phục hình răng cố định có thể duy trì lâu dài, thậm chí suốt đời
The results of fixed dental restorations can be maintained for a long time, even a lifetime

Fixed denture implant method is more popular with customers and is also recommended by dentists than using removable dentures.  The removable jaw is entangled, weak chewing power, easy to bad breath, used in a fairly short time.  Meanwhile, fixed dentures overcome all these disadvantages with the following features and advantages:

Only need to plant fixed dentures once, customers can use them for decades.  Even if carefully cared for, fixed dentures can accompany the customer for a lifetime.

Fixed implanted teeth have the same strength as real teeth, good biocompatibility with high aesthetics.  You can eat and chew firmly and easily without fear of losing or breaking your teeth.

The method of fixed teeth by Implant method completely does not need to grind teeth.  The dentist will replace the lost tooth without affecting the real teeth.  At the same time, the Implant post is made from Titanium, which is commonly used in medicine, and integrates with the good jaw bone.

Implant cases can be used for more than 20 years, even lasting if you keep and take good care of them.  In particular, Implant also overcomes gum atrophy, has the ability to prevent jaw bone loss or misaligned teeth that removable jaw methods cannot bring.

1.3 Cons

Some methods require modern equipment and complex techniques

Besides the advantages, fixed tooth restoration method also has certain limitations such as:

  • The method of fixing fixed teeth with Implant has the only disadvantage that it requires to be performed with advanced machines and equipment.  At the same time, the technique is quite complicated and requires highly skilled doctors.  Therefore, customers need to choose carefully, find a reputable dental center to ensure safety and desired results.
  • For the solution of fixed tooth restoration as a porcelain bridge, in the long run, there will still be jaw bone loss, atrophy, and concave gums.
  •  Porcelain bridge method is only applied in cases where the number of missing teeth is small.  This solution does not apply in cases where the teeth are missing the whole jaw, the real teeth cannot be supported because they are not strong enough.  If you have lost your 7th molar, you cannot perform this method.

2. What methods are there?

 Currently, there are two common methods of fixing fixed dentures: Implant and porcelain bridge.  Both need to use porcelain crowns to replace the missing crowns.

2.1 Implant

Cấy ghép Implant giúp ngăn ngừa tình trạng tiêu xương
Implants help prevent bone loss

 This is an advanced dental technique used to restore one or more missing teeth.  The restored tooth will have a full root and crown.  The implant is in the form of a small screw made of pure Titanium.  It has many sizes to suit the oral condition of each patient and has been recognized for its benignity and safety for the body.

 After the implant is implanted and integrated with the jawbone (about 3-6 months), the doctor will attach the porcelain teeth on top.  Porcelain teeth will be attached to the Implant post through the Abutment joint.

2.2 Porcelain dental bridge

Illustrated image of porcelain tooth bridge method

With the method of porcelain dental bridges, the doctor will grind real healthy teeth to create abutments.  These strong teeth are located on either side of the missing tooth.  Then, the dentist will make a series of suitable porcelain bridges to attach to restore the crown.

3. Expert advice

 No matter what kind of dental restoration you take, you need to find a reputable clinic with a good dentist.  With that, the new restoration results are guaranteed with quick execution time and reasonable prices.

3.1 Introduction of Dr. Hai

Doctor Hoang Hai has a deep understanding of modern dental restoration techniques

 Dr. Phan Hoang Hai graduated with a major in Odonto-Stomatology from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Ho Chi Minh City (2013).  The doctor has 3 years of training at Mahidol University (Thailand) and completed the Master’s program in maxillofacial prosthetics.  After that, Dr. Hoang Hai started practicing as a prosthetic specialist since 2018.

 With solid expertise and many years of experience in the field of oral and maxillofacial prosthetics, Dr. Hai has helped thousands of customers regain their confident smile.  At the same time, Dr. Hai constantly updates the techniques and advanced dental technology to bring the best solution with the highest efficiency to customers.  Dr. Hai specializes in functional rehabilitation and full-mouth aesthetics with fine-tuned techniques.  The doctor also has a deep understanding of high-tech dental methods, digital applications such as Implants, digital restorations…

3.2 Expert advice

Implant method is recommended by dental experts to use

Dentists recommend that you consider carefully before choosing any dental restoration solution.  Ideally, you should choose solutions that are permanent, do not need to spend extra money and time to redo.

In particular, Implant is a method of making fixed dentures recommended by dentists if you qualify.  This solution is considered the most advanced and optimal today to help you have strong, beautiful, flawless teeth for a long time, even permanently.  It will help you restore lost teeth, preserve real teeth and have no restrictions regarding oral health.


 All fixed denture restoration techniques bring great benefits to customers.  Depending on your needs, economic conditions and oral health status, you can choose the right solution for you.  However, do not forget to choose a reputable dental center to be examined and advised by a doctor accurately and specifically. 

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