3.The wonderful “makeover” of the customer after performing a comprehensive cosmetic dental restoration

The wonderful "makeover" of the customer after performing a comprehensive cosmetic dental restoration

The beauty and health of teeth are increasingly causing great obstacles in people’s lives.  There are many people who are unlucky to have a jawline that matches their face, or have problems that change the original shape of their teeth.

 Do not be too worried or lose confidence when you encounter the above cases, the advanced comprehensive cosmetic dental restoration method will help you “makeover” spectacularly to be confident with a new look, bringing the beauty of your teeth.  perfect smile. 

Comprehensive cosmetic dental restorations bring more confidence

An overview of a comprehensive cosmetic dental restoration method

True to its name, comprehensive cosmetic dental restoration is a method of “regenerating” the shape of the teeth, not only helping the teeth to restore their original condition but also bringing high aesthetics, putting on the face.  New look for your smile.

 In the modern era, besides taking care of oral health so that the teeth are strong, without decay, inflammation or bleeding of the teeth, … people have begun to pay more attention to the aesthetics of the teeth.  smile.

 Professor Tim Newton – consultant in Applied Psychology for Dentistry at King’s College London Dental Institute shared that the beauty of teeth does not affect people with integrity, but they do.  is the deciding factor on the “scale” of beauty for those who are not appreciated for beauty.  That is, a normal person is judged as beautiful or ugly depending on the aesthetics of the teeth. 

A beautiful smile adds beauty to the face

 From the social aspect, we can all guess that the possibility of career advancement between two people with the same ability, the person with the more attractive smile will easily conquer a higher position.

 Most actors, singers or other influential people in society are very careful about their appearance, and also have beautiful and healthy white teeth.  In fact, comprehensive cosmetic dental restoration methods are becoming more and more popular, not only for famous people but also for the majority of people.

 The standard of living in Vietnam is increasing day by day, so people are also starting to pay more attention to cosmetic dentistry to recreate a more perfect smile.

 However, comprehensive cosmetic dental restoration methods are not only in terms of beauty, they also ensure the health of dental diseases in improving chewing ability, limiting the effects  for health when owning incomplete 

Typically, the story of a dental disease at Dr. Phan Hoang Hai’s clinic is below:

 The story of the client of Dr. Phan Hoang Hai – A comprehensive cosmetic dental prosthetic doctor

Testimonials from customers

 Ms. Tran Thi Khanh Hang, 37 years old, currently living and working at Nha Be, is one of the special customers of comprehensive cosmetic dental prosthetic doctor Phan Hoang Hai.  When she went to the doctor, she was having a problem with a defect in her face, the upper jaw part of her teeth was cut, making one side of her mouth hollow.

Small "defect" on Ha's face

She confided: “This shortcoming makes me feel very self-deprecating, not only having difficulty in eating but also other living problems.  I don’t dare to interact with people, I wear a mask every time I go out on the street so that no one can see my full face, because it is not beautiful.  And it’s hard to talk to people.  If I have such an opening in my mouth, I can’t speak clearly, sometimes I speak but people don’t understand.  More and more it makes me less confident, affects my spirit and life a lot.” 

Solution from Dr. Phan Hoang Hai

 After the conversation and understanding through the confession of difficulties and wishes from Ms. Khanh Hang, Doctor Hai started the general examination process to comprehensively check the condition of the skeleton, take X-rays at the same time.  record teeth.

 From the collected data, Dr. Hai analyzes and evaluates the problem that Ms. Hang is facing, then designs a “new smile” to meet the needs of the customer.  After discussing with the customer about the real process and implementation methods with realistic simulation videos, informing the costs and possible risks, if the customer is satisfied, he will continue to the next step.  treatment phase.

After handling all problems affecting oral health and achieving a stable level, the final stage is cosmetic shaping.

 Hang shared: “The dentist here does it very carefully and meticulously.  Although I was a bit nervous, when I got to the results, plus the skillful and professional manipulation of the doctor, I was no longer worried.  It is very reassuring to entrust the entire treatment process to the doctor”


Put on a new, more confident and beautiful look

After {…time…} treatment and recovery, seeing herself in the mirror with a new look, Ms. Hang could not help but be moved:

 “It’s been a long time since I’ve used such a complete set of teeth, even though I’m not used to it, I’m very happy.  Now that my teeth are complete, I no longer have to be self-conscious like before, I can eat comfortably and interact with people.  I haven’t laughed this much in a long time, because I feel so strange and beautiful.”

 The results were achieved not only thanks to the efforts of Dr. Phan Hoang Hai, but also the trust and determination of Ms. Hang.

 No one has the right to choose beauty before birth, nor can anyone anticipate problems that will affect their face;  However, choosing to change, “makeover” to put on a new look is in your decision. 

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