10.Tips for taking care of healthy and beautiful teeth from cosmetic dentist Phan Hoang Hai

Tips for taking care of healthy and beautiful teeth from cosmetic dentist Phan Hoang Hai

 Nowadays, people are starting to pay more attention to the health of their teeth, everyone wants to own a healthy and beautiful natural teeth.

 Teeth contribute to building a perfect smile, creating sympathy when communicating with people around.  Let’s refer to the advice of cosmetic dentist Phan Hoang Hai to get the secret to taking care of healthy teeth!

Beautiful healthy teeth bring confidence

Benefits of having healthy, beautiful teeth

Owning beautiful healthy teeth brings great values ​​to life that you may have never thought of. The benefits of owning beautiful and healthy teeth are most evident in two aspects:

  • Enhance aesthetic value

In modern society, the perception of beauty and aesthetics is gradually becoming an important factor in social interaction and the trend of finding people to work.

A face with an attractive smile is said to have more advantages in relationship building and career development. In the process of social interaction, most people tend to focus on the other person’s eyes and mouth, the charm of a perfect smile will create a strong association with the beauty of the face, sympathize with the other person.

Many views believe that aesthetic teeth are the factors that form an assessment of a person at first sight. The American Dental Association (ADA) conducted a survey about a person’s impressions and found that 87% of the survey group felt sympathetic when receiving a smile from others, even is a stranger.

  • Improve quality of life


Owning beautiful healthy teeth improves problems in life

Dental problems will cause discomfort, affecting your mood and chewing process.  Crowded teeth make it difficult for food to stick to the teeth, or decayed teeth cause a sharp pain all night, can’t sleep, …

 Taking good care of your teeth and gums will help you solve these problems and improve your quality of life.

 The advice of cosmetic dental prosthetist Phan Hoang Hai to take care of beautiful and healthy teeth

 In order to have a method of oral care, contributing to improving a smile that is not only healthy but also beautiful, bringing confidence in communication and life, cosmetic dentist Phan Hoang Hai shared:

 “You should entrust a qualified, reputable and reliable doctor to monitor your oral health regularly.  Should listen and follow the instructions of the doctor to quickly detect and improve problems when the mouth warns of bad signs.” 

Family dentists help take care of the whole family's oral health

Dr. Phan Hoang Hai added, family dental services are now very popular in developed countries, but in Vietnam very few people know about this service when in fact it still exists. The family dentist will closely follow the comprehensive oral health care process, understand the problems you face, the treatment and recovery process according to the body’s location, thereby giving the best advice.  suitable advice for you and your family.  Having a reputable companion dentist also helps you save time or costs incurred during the treatment of dental diseases.

 In addition, Dr. Phan Hoang Hai reminds everyone to regularly check their own oral health status.

 For people who have healthy and beautiful teeth, they should take care of their teeth by cleaning their teeth regularly, and limiting eating foods that are too hard to chip or break;  especially should go to scrape teeth 2 to 3 times a year to remove plaque that affects the health of teeth and gums.

Regular visits to quickly detect dental problems

 For teeth that have undergone treatment, it is necessary to periodically visit the doctor at the request of the doctor, take care of the teeth more carefully because they can be more prone to problems than with natural teeth.

 Everything that is put into the body goes through the mouth, so the condition of your teeth is also a factor that tends to affect your health.  Oral health affects both health and beauty, causing obstacles in life and activities.  Therefore, you need to be more concerned about this issue and take appropriate dental care measures.

 Hopefully the tips from Dr. Phan Hoang Hai can help you be more aware of the impact of health on life and activities.  At the same time, through the advice of your doctor, you can find a suitable oral care regimen. 

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