9.Difference between orthodontist and dentist

Difference between orthodontist and dentist

When it comes to oral health care and treatment, we will think of dentists first.  However, when beauty standards are raised, our needs not only stop at oral health care, but also need to show aesthetic beauty for the face.  This is the responsibility of an orthodontist. 

Aesthetic prosthodontists guarantee in the protection of oral health and the beauty of your smile

1. What is the difference between a prosthodontist and a dentist?

 In terms of expertise, the work of orthodontists and dentists all have one thing in common: taking care of and ensuring the oral health of their customers.  However, the task of a maxillofacial prosthodontist is not only to take care of oral health, but also to ensure aesthetics with the criterion of “both healthy and beautiful”.

 As for the doctors specializing in prosthodontics, they often work in the labs and laboratories of the dental facility.  The main job of these doctors is to process – manufacture and deploy methods for prosthetics, modeling for porcelain teeth, dentures, dental accessories (including beauty accessories), installation of dental implants.  tools to support disease treatment or facial shaping, orthodontic appliances for teeth (such as aligners, erasers, anti-snoring appliances, retainers…). 

The working corner of the orthodontist

 In addition, prosthodontists can also participate in the management and operation of prosthetic-related departments in a dental facility or run their own business at a private clinic.  core;  or work at units in the health sciences sector with the task of organizing, managing and operating departments related to dental prosthetics.

 Thus, a maxillofacial prosthodontist is not only a dentist, but also a comprehensive caretaker for the health and beauty related to the customers’ teeth.

 They will build a suitable route to change the oral condition and improve the customer’s appearance according to each person’s wishes.  At that time, the people who go to the orthodontist are customers who have a need to take care of and beautify their teeth, not stop at medical examination and treatment.  And at this time, the doctor will be the one to advise and provide services to the customer, accompanying the customer to achieve the best results by appropriate methods.

2. What was the journey to becoming a maxillofacial prosthodontist like?

Doctor Phan Hoang Hai shares his knowledge about cosmetic restorations

 As a reputable maxillofacial prosthodontist, MSc, Dr.  Phan Hoang Hai has gathered valuable experiences about the meaning of his work:

 “Masterior prosthetics and cosmetic dentistry are difficult specialties that require ingenuity and high aesthetic perception.  Therefore, the doctor needs serious investment in expertise to be able to restore the comprehensive beauty and radiant smile to his client.”

 Dr. Phan Hoang Hai has spent many years investing in his career, learning and researching in the field of cosmetic prosthetics at home and abroad.  At the same time, he himself constantly participates in professional competitions to improve his knowledge and experience, as well as reap excellent awards.

 For Dr. Hai, the journey to become a maxillofacial doctor is not an easy thing, requiring special investment in 3 aspects: knowledge – time – finance.  But above all, you must have passion to keep the fire burning, overcome difficulties and challenges at work.

3. What kind of customers does the orthodontist serve?

Most of the customers who come to the orthodontist orthodontist have a clear and strong desire to improve their oral health and appearance. 

Khách hàng muốn thay đổi diện mạo mới cho nụ cười sẽ tìm đến bác sĩ phục hình răng hàm mặt

Customers who want to change a new look for their smile will come to the orthodontist

 They may have had one or more symptoms of dental disease, or facial deformities such as:

 – Periodontal disease, inflammatory diseases in the oral cavity.

 – Tooth decay, pulpitis.

 – Teeth are cracked, chipped due to impact force.

 – Teeth that are displaced, missing teeth, or teeth in rows.

 – Jaw is pounced, protruded, protruded or underbite, concave due to birth or accident.


 When receiving these customers, the orthodontist will first advise and give a definitive treatment plan for oral diseases first, then continue the orthodontic steps according to the customer’s wishes.  such as attaching dentures, planting porcelain teeth, attaching jewelry … to beautify. 

The doctor advises the appropriate method before proceeding with the treatment

Good oral health will help customers feel secure and focus on the restoration process, bringing the best results, quickly, on the schedule advised by the doctor.

 During the restoration process, the doctor needs to continuously visit periodically, monitor the customer’s oral and maxillofacial condition to make timely adjustments, always share and guide customers to take care of their health.  dental health, peace of mind in the journey to regain beauty and confidence.

 With the sharing from the practical experience of Dr. Phan Hoang Hai, we hope to help you better understand the dental prosthetics industry and the work of the maxillofacial prosthodontist.

 If you are interested in issues related to the field of maxillofacial prosthetics, you can completely connect with Dr. Phan Hoang Hai to jointly build a community of young dentists, where sharing  Sharing and exchanging experiences contributes to building knowledge and skills to improve skills, helping the dental industry in Vietnam to develop more and more. 

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