20. Why is dental restoration such a hot industry?

Why is dental restoration such a hot industry?

The field of dental prosthetics is receiving the attention of many young people. This is a field of study that offers wide employment opportunities and attractive income.

The need to beautify and improve the chewing function of teeth is increasingly focused.  Therefore, the field of dental prosthetic engineering is also increasingly interested in open job opportunities

Ngành kỹ thuật phục hình răng hiện được nhiều bạn trẻ quan tâm
The industry of dental restoration is currently interested by many young people

 As the economy is developing, people’s demand for health care and dental aesthetics is also gradually increasing.  As a result, dental prosthetic technology is also gradually becoming a trendy discipline, attracting the attention of many students.  This field of study helps students open up a wide and potential career door.

 So who is suitable for this field of study?  What jobs can you do after completing your studies?  Let’s discover right through the information shared by Dr. Phan Hoang Hai (Prosthetics of Maxillofacial Prosthetics) 

1. General overview of dental prosthetic technology

The English name of Dental Technology is Dental Technology.  The goal of this discipline is to train technicians who have basic medical knowledge, basic science, and professional dental prosthetic techniques.  In addition, students must master art and technology.  Not only that, students also need to practice ethical qualities, ensure professionalism and have a good spirit of learning.

First, students will learn the foundational subjects.  After that, specialized subjects and practical exercises will be gradually applied to the curriculum to maximize the students’ practical work after graduation.  Students enrolled in this major will learn fixed prosthetics, partial and complete removable prostheses, implant-on prostheses, orthopedic appliances, etc. 

After graduation, technicians can manage and work effectively at Dental Labo.  In addition, the technicians can also assist the dentist in manufacturing denture prostheses, orthopedic appliances, bleaching trays, chewing trays, anti-snoring appliances… At the same time, the technicians can also assist.  Other treatments such as teeth whitening, cosmetic dentistry, treatment of temporomandibular joint pain, etc.

2. Why you should study dental prosthetics

This field of study offers very attractive job opportunities for students.  Besides, when studying dental prosthetic engineering, you also get many other benefits such as not too long study time, unlimited education improvement, stable income…

2.1. Training and learning time is not too long

 The training period for medical students in general (5-6 years) is usually longer than that of other professions.  But for prosthetic engineering, students only need about 4 years of training (for undergraduate programs).  The time can be even shorter (about 1-3 years) if students register for College, Intermediate, and short-term training courses.

2.2. You have a wide choice of training facilities

Students can choose to study dental prosthetics at different levels of training

You can choose to study prosthetic engineering at the Intermediate, College or University level in many different training institutions and centers.  Prestigious institutions will provide students with quality programs, complete with theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

 You can find out, consult information of some training institutions and schools on their Website.  Besides, you can consult with teachers, relatives, and students who have studied at institutions to have more bases to choose a suitable learning environment.

2.3. There is no limit to further study

When studying dental restoration engineering, you can improve your knowledge level by studying further.  If students complete the intermediate level, college, students can continue to the university level with the same major. 

After completing the university level, students can continue to register for Master’s and Doctoral studies at home and abroad.  You have unlimited opportunities to continue to improve your qualifications, further in-depth study of your field of study.

2.4.The dental prosthetic industry offers a wide range of career opportunities

If you want to organize, run, and manage the departments related to dental prosthetics, a major in dental prosthetics is a great choice.  After graduation, you can become a dental restoration technician working in dental facilities.  Not only that, you also have the opportunity to work in dental labs.

2.5. Earnings after graduation

Dental prosthetic engineering brings a good income for students after graduation.  After graduating from this field, KTV will have a starting salary in the range of 7-9 million.  This number is quite attractive to students who have just graduated without much practical work experience.

3. Training schools

Sinh viên nên chọn trung tâm, trường học uy tín để đảm bảo chất lượng giảng dạy
You should choose a reputable institution or school that teaches the profession of dental prosthetics, with a team of teachers who are professional and dedicated to the profession. At the same time, the school also needs to have adequate equipment to practice and ensure the quality of training. Currently, the field of Dental Restoration Engineering is not widely taught in many universities. Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine and Pharmacy is one of the prestigious universities with good training quality today. The school has a major in Dental Restoration Engineering and is mainly trained at the university level.

4. Job opportunities

Technicians graduates can work in hospitals, dental departments,...

The dental prosthetics industry is being evaluated with great potential for development in the near future.  Because the demand for dental aesthetics is gradually increasing, the vocational training period is short, after graduation, students can have a suitable income for many jobs such as:

  • In charge of professional and technical Lab jobs such as manufacturing dentures, dentures, dental molds…
  • Participating in teaching and research at schools offering this discipline, district and provincial institutions…
  • Have the opportunity to work in the dental department, hospital, Ministry of Health.
  • Preserve and operate supplies and equipment at centers and facilities for dental restoration.
  • Sales staff at companies providing dental equipment and materials or working at dental corporations based in Vietnam.

5. Who is suitable for this profession?

The discipline of dental prosthetics requires meticulousness and high aesthetics

To become a dental technician or specialist in any area of ​​the medical field, you also need to have good moral qualities, love for people, and humanity.  In addition, you should also have the following qualities:

  • Students possess a high aesthetic sense, ingenious mind, and the ability to concentrate at work.
  • You are sharp, have good observation, and can quickly make accurate judgments.
  • Students have learning methods, scientific research, logic, are always patient, meticulous and careful in their work.
  • You have good health, and can work continuously for a long time…


 Hope readers have a better understanding about dental prosthetic technology through the information in the article.  This discipline was born with many practical meanings.  It helps people feel more confident with healthy teeth and a bright smile.  Do not hesitate to pursue this trendy field of study if you have the above qualities and love cosmetic dentistry, improving the health of others’ teeth. 

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