21.What needs to be done to fix the condition of a slightly chipped tooth?

What needs to be done to fix the condition of a slightly chipped tooth?

Slightly protruding teeth make the face less perfect.  However, you should not worry too much because there are many solutions to effectively overcome this situation.

There are many ways to improve the condition of slightly protruding teeth, to make your face more balanced and attractive.  Let’s read the article to know how to recognize protruding teeth and learn solutions to fix it! 

Răng hô nhẹ làm ảnh hưởng nét thẩm mỹ của tổng thể khuôn mặt
Protruding teeth affect the aesthetics of the overall face

The state of mild or severe protrusion affects the overall harmony of the face more or less.  This can make you lose confidence when communicating, affecting your studies and work.  Today’s article summarizes information about mild protrusion and effective solutions.  Please read the same reference and do not forget to share with friends and relatives if you find it useful!

1. What is the condition of slightly protruding teeth?

Mild protrusion is a condition in which the upper teeth protrude slightly from the lower teeth

Protruding teeth (also known as protruding teeth) is a form of malocclusion.  Specifically, the upper teeth protrude too much compared to the lower teeth, the correlation ratio between the two molars is not standard.

At a mild level, the upper teeth protrude not too much compared to the lower teeth.  The incisor part instead of growing vertically as usual, it will be slightly forward.  We often observe closely to realize that the protruding teeth is at a mild level.

Although it is difficult to recognize, this imperfection of teeth also slightly affects the beauty of the overall face.  Especially when smiling or talking, you can be shy and lack confidence in your teeth.

So how do you recognize the condition of protruding teeth to have the earliest and most effective solution possible?  Readers, find out in the content right below! 

2. How to recognize slightly protruding teeth?

You can tell the status of protruding teeth by looking at the angle of the teeth

The signs to know if the teeth are protruding or not will help you determine the condition of your teeth more correctly.  From there, you can go to the dentist for advice and fix the problem as soon as possible.

You can take a closer look at your teeth from the side to check if the teeth are protruding.  The most obvious manifestation is the slightly protruding front teeth.  Some other signs of protruding teeth include:

  • The upper jaw is normal but the lower jaw is inverted.
  • The upper jaw protrudes first while the lower jaw is normal.
  • Two-jaw status.
  • Another cause of protrusion is due to misaligned teeth, wrong correlation in the anterior – posterior direction of the two jaw bones.
  • The teeth come forward (this is called tooth displacement).
  • The upper jaw bone is in the correct position but the lower jaw bone grows backward.  This is a respiratory condition caused by the lower jaw bone.
  • Another cause of breathing is the upper jaw bone.  In this case, the lower jaw bone is in the correct position while the upper jaw develops protruding forward.
  • The lower jaw bone recedes inward, the upper jaw bone develops and protrudes forward. This is a respiratory condition caused by both the upper and lower jaw bones. 

Many cases of mild protrusion are difficult to see with the naked eye if not carefully observed.  You should visit a reputable dental center for a more accurate examination and advice.  In addition to the usual observation step, the doctor will have more specialized methods such as taking a picture of the jawbone, taking a sample of the jaw to get an accurate diagnosis.  From there, the dentist can come up with the best solution to fix your tooth condition.

3. Treatment methods

The treatment of mild protrusion is no longer difficult thanks to the great developments of modern medicine.  You can completely regain your confidence with straight teeth and a bright smile with the right solution.  Currently, there are 3 methods of cosmetic improvement for protruding teeth, including: Teeth grinding, orthodontics and porcelain crowns.

3.1 Grinding teeth

The method of grinding teeth is extremely safe to help treat mild protrusions

 This is a mild dental treatment with immediate results.  You can save considerable time and money when applying this solution.  Specifically, dentists will grind away about 0.3-0.6 mm of enamel.  This grinding range is completely allowed because it is safe for the teeth, does not cause tooth sensitivity.

 The doctor will apply this method when the customer’s two front teeth are only slightly protruding, slightly protruding.  To perform the method of grinding teeth safely, accurately and aesthetically, dentists need high technical and professional skills.

3.2 Orthodontics

Niềng răng giúp khắc phục tình trạng răng hô nhẹ an toàn, kết quả vĩnh viễn
Braces help fix mild protruding teeth safely, permanent results

Orthodontic braces is a method that is considered effective and safe to improve the condition of protruding teeth.  This is also a method that dentists encourage people to use to improve the aesthetics of their teeth.

Dentists will use braces or a system of brackets and wires to create traction to adjust the protruding teeth to move inward.  This helps the teeth to bite properly and have a balanced ratio.  This method not only brings high aesthetic efficiency, but also maximizes the protection of real teeth, ensuring good chewing and eating function.  However, this method has the limitation that it lasts about 1.5 to 2 years.

Orthodontic methods are now quite diverse with different prices, suitable for many customers.  Some popular orthodontic methods such as: Braces with fixed braces, orthodontics with removable jaws, orthodontics with clear braces.

Depending on the condition of your teeth, age, and the amount of money you can spend, the dentist will advise on the most suitable orthodontic method for you.  Up to now, orthodontic braces are the method most recommended by dentists and popular choice by customers.

3.3 Porcelain veneers help handle mild protruding teeth

Bọc răng sứ giúp cải thiện tình trạng răng hô mức độ nhẹ, cho nụ cười rạng rỡ hơn
Porcelain veneers help improve the condition of mild protruding teeth, for a brighter smile

This method will help you own a beautiful, white teeth quickly.  The condition of mild protruding teeth will be gently handled by the dentist thanks to the porcelain crown method.  Specifically, the dentist will grind the tooth pulp and then cover it with a porcelain crown.  Customers can cover 2-4 incisors according to the doctor’s advice based on the degree of protrusion and the actual condition of the teeth.

Dental experts recommend that customers apply the method of porcelain crowns in case of protruding teeth due to misaligned teeth, slightly protruding teeth.

4. Should you get braces?

There are many orthodontic solutions for orthodontic treatment for you to choose from

The method of braces to improve the condition of slightly crooked teeth is recommended by dentists to be preferred.  The reason is because braces help to completely solve the problem of mild protruding teeth.  At the same time, the results are also permanent, customers do not have to worry about their teeth coming back.  Moreover, the method of braces does not need to extract teeth, helping to preserve real teeth.  This method also does not affect the surrounding soft tissue, does not affect neighboring teeth.

However, you should pay attention to choose a reputable dental facility to ensure the most satisfactory results.  Because the orthodontic time depends on the quality of the brackets, the dentist’s skills,… Only reputable dental centers can guarantee a professional treatment.  At the same time, the dental center also needs to meet the modern equipment to help bring the desired results to customers.


Hopefully the information in the article will be useful to readers and help you no longer worry too much about mild protruding teeth.  Each method of treating protruding teeth, improving the aesthetics of teeth has its own advantages and characteristics.  Therefore, you should research carefully to choose the right solution.  It is best to go to a reputable dental center for specific advice before deciding to implement any oral improvement solutions. 

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